Madam George

Emerging from the swamp of uni assignments…still feel like i’m up to my neck in quicksand as I am in the midst of another al(most)nighter…final assignment for this semester though, hooray!

One of the positive things to come out of this week of all-nighters is that I have discovered Van Morrison.

Our current transient home is Mum’s, where the internet reception sucks – it only works well in certain places and at certain angles.  One of these is (unhelpfully) in front of the TV.  Trying to be good, I scanned and found the radio channels.  A brilliant invention, by the way!  ABC Dig Radio is my favourite, and I’ve heard the most random shiz!

For the past 4 minutes I’ve been captivated by this awesome song…thinking it was David Gray, only to finally google the station and discover it’s actually Van Morrison.  Even MORE fascinating (yep, it’s late and I am procrastinating) is that Van Morrison is not the dude I thought he was.  Now, given the low traffic on this blog I feel I can reveal the following idiocy: all my life, I’ve thought this guy was Van Morrison:

Yes, what an eejit, but it gets worse.  When I googled Van Morrison and got this guy:

and realised my error, I thought, OMG all these years I’ve been thinking Jimi Hendrix is Van Morrison!!  So I googled Jimi Hendrix, and imagine my confusion when this guy appeared:

Garr!!!  STILL wrong!!!  So then I’m thinking, who the hell is that half naked guy leaning on the door….

Yep, I’m an eejit!



How long does it take to lift a blog off the ground??? Nearly a year by the looks of things! Think I’m averaging a post a month…

NZ, China & current info to come…

And…we might be moving to Tassie!