Bog Myrtle

So, we bought a bookshop on Skye. It is in Struan, which is on the west side of the island. When I last lived on Skye nobody came to Struan. I used to drive over this way (even though it added an hour or so to my trip) because of the startling view of the Cuillins it afforded as you turned south from Dunvegan and wound your way down from Struan to Slig.

Before we left Spain I enquired about a bookbinding workshop at the Skye and Lochalsh Archives Centre in Portree. I didn’t realise I’d booked a place until they sent me a reminder a few days before. At that point, after 2 months on Skye and after numerous knock backs on the job front and the agony of the residency process I was feeling less than excited about it, but dragged myself along.

I’m so glad I did. The course tutor (Laura West) was brilliant, the workshop was gruelling but a great outcome (I made a book!), and I met a couple from Roag who took me to lunch and listened to my tale of woe about residency and not being able to work and told me “they might know someone”.

A couple of weeks later I was phoned by the owner of a bookstore cafe in Struan, telling me they had heard I would be interested in buying it.

The rest is a whole other blog post, but you can check out the bookstore here



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