Reading #blogjune13

You’ll have to imagine pictures as my iPad refuses to upload photos on WordPress when I’m on the VPN. 

Trying to catchup on reading. Bought I’m a stranger here myself at Kyobo Books before we left Seoul, and was in such hysterics my daughter kept asking me if I was crying. I’ve always loved Bill Bryson’s books. I think it’s because he often ends up in similarly awkward situations when travelling. A good friend who is no longer with us gave me Notes from a small island when I first landed in the UK as a wide-eyed 21 year old who had never travelled outside Australia, so perhaps there is a sentimental attachment to Bill. 

In stark contrast, I’m also finishing Patrick Ness’ Chaos walking trilogy, which is violent but fascinating. I’m finding the characters frustrating now, in the 3rd book as they seemed to have melded into the woodwork rather than being unique. I’m also disappointed he hasn’t pursued the interaction between humans and Spackle. There was one brief allusion to it at the start of Book 3, but it’s gone nowhere. 

And I’m trying to read a Gabriel García Márquez book of short stories in an attempt to broaden my Spanish literature knowledge (although he was Colombian, I’m stretching the definition to include all in Español)


2 thoughts on “Reading #blogjune13

  1. I have a sentimental attachment to Bill Bryson too. Neither Here Nor There was the first travel book I read and I was so enamoured by it I had to go to the Capuchin Crypt in Rome after reading about it. I’m sure he is the reason I want to visit Milton Keynes as well.

  2. I also possess a weird desire to visit Milton Keynes, so we can definitely put the blame for that one on Bryson. I recently read the story of his walk along the Appalachian Trail, not by choice but because it was the only English book available in the airport store. I thought it would be a drag, but it was hilarious.

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