Zen and the art of travel #blogjune 8

People often remark how brave I am for travelling to far-flung lands, and taking my daughter to live on distant shores. I never understand it. I don’t feel brave. I mostly feel tired and irritated. The reality of travelling tends to equal days spent neglecting housework and Ms10 while I agonise over prices, times and locations, only to arrive and find the place down the road is nicer and cheaper.

I need to focus on being in the moment more when travelling. This would be easier with Tardis translation and unlimited funds. And a full time nanny. 

I prefer travel when it’s spontaneous, but once I had a kid that became a luxury. I still struggle to book anything more than a week in advance. Who wants to spend ages pre-planning only to have it all fall apart? But it’s how you roll from the stuff ups that is character building.

I’d hoped I’d be more zen towards travel dilemmas by now, but I still struggle to remember that if nobody died, or got arrested it’s all good. Like today. We should be in Korea right now, but instead we are still in Qingdao because our driver was half an hour late to collect us, so we missed our flight. It’s Duan Wu festival and super busy, which means we can’t get another flight until Friday. 

The China Eastern helpdesk did not live up to its name, and I felt myself teetering into the abyss, but I started talking myself through the worst that could happen, and in the calm was able to think of a friend I could lhone to translate, so we got new flights, the accommodation were very forgiving AND our errant driver came back to take us to a hotel for the night for free. 

I should chill more often lol


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