Queensland Day #blogjune 6

Running out of ideas for #blogjune already !!

Nobody here knows it is Queensland Day, and I was struggling to explain it, so I’ve googled it. It is the day at school when we used to colour in the Queensland flag and state emblem, then forget about them again for another year. Oh! And our local historical museum used to sell billy tea and damper, and probably have a log sawing contest.

Apparently it’s a celebration of the day we broke free from the colony of New South Wales, and these days it is known as Queensland Week

We have our own state flag, which is really the British flag “defaced” (according to wikipedia) by the state badge:


Mysteriously, the state bade is the Cross of Malta – for which even the State Government struggle to provide a logical explanation:


Our coat of arms is inexplicably being held up by a deer:


They were the first Arms assigned to a British colony since Charles II granted Jamaica its Arms in 1661, so perhaps they were a little stuck for inspiration? (Actually, the red deer is supposed to “represent the old world”. Ugh.)

We are also known for our rainforests, reefs and wild weather.

For more Queensland, check it out here for the boring tourist website, or here for the funny Buzzfeed one.



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