Majestic beast

Growing up on a farm we had a cacophony of animals. These were purchased by my Dad with no apparent thought at Saturday morning clearing sales, or the Wednesday midweek livestock sales (a rare school holiday treat involved following Dad around the slippery, slurry-covered yards, climbing the rails to inspect the beasts and begging him to take home a poddy calf. At one sale I saw a calf with both eyes pecked out by crows or magpies).
The goats were my favourite animal in this random assortment. Cute, intelligent, wildly eccentric. I’ve no idea how they ended up at our farm, but we had almost a dozen of them, including a billy goat and a nanny goat. Dad tried unsuccessfully to have us drink goat milk for a while, but gave up when Mum cracked it because she couldn’t fit anything in the freezer for all the bottles of frozen milk. Anyway, I’ve been digging around in my consciousness trying to uncover which skills (if any) I possess that could be put to use in a business sense. And I’ve just remembered a wild dream I had while traveling in Tasmania about 5 or 6 years ago – hand made paper. This dream is so deliriously exciting to me that I had suppressed it deep, but now it has resurfaced I am possessed. I remember we had a parent who set up a mini paper making mill at my primary school, and how obsessed I was.

Goat dreaming

In the meantime, some other folk who are living my paper making dream:

Paper-making by hand (I feel I am going to spend a lot of time at this blog)

And what do goats have to do with any of this?? A company closer to the dream of my heart: Creative Paper Wales


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