Words #day15 #365days

I toyed with the idea of doing 365 days via Instagram. I think that’s where it started. But the whole purpose is to force myself to write. It’s just weird that suddenly I don’t want to share. Blogging has always felt pretentious to me. When I do it, that is. Meanwhile I love to read the blogs of others…

I also bought a blank journal and started writing there (hence the gap in posts). But again, I think the challenge to myself with this is to write in public. I don’t know if I’m a very good writer, I only know that I’ve thought about ‘being a writer’ my whole life. And for the best part of the last decade of anyone had asked me where or what I’d like to be (what do you want to do when you ‘grow up’, now that your actually a grown up and life has sort of decided it for you anyway?), I’d have told them I dream of a red roofed stone cottage by the sea, with a studio where I will….and the only thing that really comes to mind is writing (although I can sew a mean beanbag…)


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