Raasay #day14 #365days

True to form, my #365days blogging is not going so well. Climbed Dun Caan today after thinking about it for 12 years. My new trainers no longer have their Glasgow Ned shine. 

Earlier in the evening I had an epiphany, stumbling on the disused Raasay hotel, and then a local blog mentioning that it was for sale. I found the website where it was advertised and rushed the 200 metres or so up the road to check it out. It is spectacular. The building is rundown but gorgeous – original 19th century inn surrounded by not-too-cringeworthy add-ons. Lounges and rooms overlooking the sound of Raasay to a unique view of Skye’s Cuillins. Only 12 rooms but managers accommodation with 6 more. Ideal.
I had a pint in front of Raasay House and plotted how I could manage the purchase and management. Perhaps my brother and his wife could come over with their kids for 6-12 months for something different, to help me get it up and running? The kids could all go to school together on the island…have chickens and sheep. 

But, sadly the hotel is no longer for sale. Despite still being live on the estate agents website, it sold a while ago. Fortunately for the island it’s sold to the company who are opening a whisky distillery here. Exciting times ahead for Raasay, but we won’t be sharing them. 
Chalking it up on the board of Not To Be with the Barra Post Office.


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