#blogjune #fail

Soooo, that went well! Just too many things going on that are work related and making me angry…so I don’t trust myself to blog, considering They found my blog a while back and provably flagged it. Am thinking of a #blog365 idea though. On July 13th it will be 23 years since we lost my dad. Well, we didn’t actually lose him. We buried him, and the world turned inside out. He was only 35. We almost shared a birthday (2 days apart), so for me, and probably the rest of my family, it is a little eerie to think that next year, on July 13th, I will be almost exactly the same age he was when we lost him. So lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’d do if I knew I had only 1 more year to live. Would I stay in a job which pays well but bores me? Once I was considered a leader and now I am now lucky if managers or other staff even remember I work here – if this was my last year, would I stay? Would I care about the expat fishbowl or what the bitchy self-serving colleague says behind my back to get ahead? Would I stay in a country that horrifies me with their consumption and lack of care for fellow humans?

What would I do if I had only 1 year?


4 thoughts on “#blogjune #fail

  1. For some reason, all your June posts have just popped up in my RSS feeder now! You don’t sound too happy – I’m sorry. It must have been awful losing your Dad at only 35. My Dad died unexpectedly on 31st May this year but he was 85 so, although it was sudden, it wasn’t an uncommon thing to happen to a man of his age! It’s still very difficult though. I hope things get better for you soon.

    1. I shut it down a while ago because I was informed my workplace did not like my writing. I’ve since realised I don’t care! So perhaps when I switched the privacy off all the posts came through? We’re enjoying China, but the job is nowhere near as engaging, involving, motivating as my work public libraries. I have another year to go, then we hope to head to Europe (to whichever country will have me, non-EU alien that I am!!)

    2. Losing our dad was a crazy thing – 2 decades ago but the ripples still rock our lives. I’m the eldest, and I think we’re all a bit weirded out by me getting older than him. It will be an interesting year or 2!

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