#blogjune 4 : LMS

We have been in the process of upgrading our crummy 90s LMS to Follett Destiny library since November and IT finally sent the link today. My last library updated their software right before I left last year, so I have a little bit of experience, but mostly I am winging it. The difference is that this time nobody else knows any more than I do, so it’s all a little hectic. 

Earlier today I migrated Z sources into our database. Felt very librarian-y

I am glad to be learning this. I now understand and appreciate what my previous boss was going through when we updated Spydus. There are so many intricacies to it. And librarians don’t always have tech support or training, we just kill along figuring it out on our own. And still people (teachers, principals, local government managers and councillors) think we are only competent on scanning books.

The whole culture of people (in ignorance) looking down on librarians really gets to me. Sometimes to the point it makes me want to leave libraries. 


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