End in sight

We’ve finished all our holidays for the year, which means Summer is around the corner and we’re making travel plans.  It’s been a huge year of travelling. We’ve visited London, York, Scotland, Munich, Prague, Japan, Vietnam, Xi’an…and of course the wee trip home at Chinese New Year.

It doesn’t feel like we’ve done that much! I guess so much of our time is taken up with just trying to survive daily life in a small Chinese city.

Our plan for summer was Scotland, but we’ve decided instead to go to Australia. As my mum will be caravanning in the Northern Territory we are thinking of flying into Darwin and travelling with her. We lived in Darwin a few years back and it’s a brilliant place. It will be interesting to cram the 3 of us in mum’s Jayco. I think I’ll be booking hotels…

I am glad we have survived the year. Last time we were in China we stayed only 5 months and it feels like we’ve broken a record or something. A year isn’t that much really – plenty of expats stay in Asia for decades, but they’re mad Asia isn’t my thing. My heart is in Scotland and I’m fascinated by Europe. China was a complete accident last time I came – I had never ever ever remotely considered coming here. But that first chance job is what brought us back, and loads of my family have also travelled here because of us.

Roll on summer holidays though! Longest term in history…



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