We have bicycles at last. Lame call by me as we should have bought back in August when we arrived, but I was put off by older staff who told me it was illegal for M to ride here and any accident involving her would be my liability. This was devastating, as probably the sole decent thing about our previous stay in China was the cheap price for cool, retro bicycles, and the thrill of being free to explore.


Anyway, we have them now! And their matching (by chance), which my daughter still thinks is cool (yuss!). It cost about 850rmb for the two, and it was worth every penny to have some other poor mug have to assemble them. That’s a job born in hell.


We rode right round the harbour. Shame about the air quality, but the gardens amd architecture were amazing. Disappointingly the gorgeous (enormous) buildings every 100m or so were amenities blocks and not food. Luckily I’d packed Blytonesque snacks, so we had a picnic feast of biscuits, nuts and a chocolate bar on (probably peed on) grass.




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