The worst

I am the worst at blogging. I have also discovered Community and watched all 5 seasons. Television IS the devil! At least social media addiction inspires us to try new things, engage, act. TV inspires us to nothing.

We are on the home stretch of our first year in China. The next holidays will be our Summer (planning to do the Trans Siberian – sometching I intended to do last time I was in China but I quit at Chinese New Year and never saw summer. Probably for the best as that time I would have been travelling with a 4 year old. Now I’ll have an almost 10 year old – much better plan!)

Can’t believe we made it. Almost, but wow. And I am glad I came back. I still miss community library dreadfully, but I think China would always have been a  regret if I had not returned.

We have also just received approval to upgrade our LMS, aaaand one of our sister schools has purchased Libguides and wants all of our libraries to use it – so we will have a real website! Brilliant! 

Easter in China. Chocolate eggs come in one variety:



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