Emerging from cultural shock fog.  Homesickness fading-ish and am overcoming (some of) my frustrations with moving to a new role that is not exactly what I expected.  It has been tricky.  Moving overseas means you not only leave behind your support networks, but you also leave behind the little things that can make your day – like a good coffee/cafe, gorgeous weekend weather at the beach, random trips into the mountains or a family BBQ.

We are not completely isolated here, but it is harder as a sole parent to assimilate.  I don’t “fit” with the couples or “proper” families (rant about that coming soon), and I can’t join the singles on their nights out because I have a child.

Some of that is set to change as Ms 9’s dad has arrived.  We’ve got a “co-parenting” experiment happening for the next 2 months (until Christmas).  It is the first time he has lived with us.  Unfortunately this school do not class sole parent families as “families” so our apartment is the same size as the single teachers (2 bedrooms).  This means 9 year old and I are sharing.  It is only temporary, and the pluses should outweigh the irritations, but it does make me grrr.

This also means I can now socialise with other staff.  It has been great to meet other people who are not at the school, and chat with random locals.

The other plus is that we now have a 3rd wheel to venture into unknown culinary territory with us.  Her dad is a chef, however, so he has spent most of the week cooking for us at home.  He is quickly learning that this is a lot more expensive than eating out and I think we will soon change his mind!

camel bar cocktail
Lovely “no-name” cocktail that turned blue as I drank…



2 thoughts on “Blue

    1. It’s great to read travel stories from China – this is my 2nd time living here and I’ve still barely travelled! Hoping to see Harbin in January for the ice sculpture festival, and would love to see Chengdu when it gets warmer.

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