Library life

Despite (unbelievably) still feeling queasy, this week was definitely a lot easier to live through than last!  Travelled to Qingdao side to catch up with some of the other new staff on the weekend and I managed to eat western food, even though I was sweating just putting it into my mouth.  I actually shared a meal with one of the other ladies – at least we’d both go down together!

My new library
My new library

Spent the week getting to know my library – and upsetting the apple cart!  Shifted shelves and furniture, much to the consternation of Chinese staff.  Interestingly each time I requested something be moved, they would phone my Chinese co-librarian to check.  I think I am starting to get a feel for how things work around here…

Library ICT room
Library ICT room

They have moved the ICT lab (I know, a lab? In 2014?  Interesting…) up to the 4th floor so the old lab has become part of the library.  For structural reasons it is still a separate room, and due to cabling issues all the computers will stay in that room.  I have a lot of misgivings about this (lets not build walls between  print and digital) but this is how it stands.  I got all excited to see a guy in there ripping up the floor (thinking it would be replaced with carpet so it genuinely looked like part of the library), but alas, it was replaced with the old floor.

I am going to have to get involved in cataloguing here, which I have not had to deal with in too much depth for 3 years.  In some ways, I enjoy it, but there are so many other things I am better at in the library that I tend to let it slide.  However the other staff do not have any library training (and there has not been anyone in this library with training) so there are some big issues that we need to sort out.

Starting with the fact that the collection code for all the books is “LB” – for “Library Book”.



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