Back to Australia for a flying visit as our Chinese visas did not arrive before we left for Europe.  Although frustrating (particularly as I am not entirely convinced HR actually applied for them when they said), it worked out for the best as we got one last catchup AND had time to pack all our stuff for storage.  To be honest, we were ready to leave Europe a couple of weeks ago and could’ve done with the extra time at home, but Qantas have made changing flights more expensive than it’s worth so it was no go.

Somebody’s happy to see us!

Boonah was completely freezing after our muggy week in Prague.  We had to go straight from the airport to Brisbane CBD to drop off our visa application docs as they take 4 working days to process.  China have vastly improved their visa application process in Brisbane.  In 2009 lined up for about 4 hours at the Consulate.  Now there is a Visa Applicant Centre on Ann Street and I waited less than 15 minutes.  The only downside was the security guy at the door who insisted on going through my paperwork even though I explained I had just got off a plane from Munich and wasn’t ready.  He grabbed it from me, then snapped at me that I needed to get more organised.  Yeah, mate, yeah.

A fraction of the stuff I've moved into mum's garage
A fraction of the stuff I’ve moved into mum’s garage

Anyway, our week flew by. After my previous experience in China where ducking home for Christmas made it impossible to resume life in China, this time I have told everyone we will not return to Australia within the first 12 months.  This makes leaving more difficult.  We dropped in on my Nanna and realised this is the first time she legitimately may not be here when we come back.  Leaving has become a lot more difficult for my daughter as she gets older.  She is really starting to feel the distance and time.

The worst part was packing up all my stuff for storage at mum’s place.  I’m not selling my car just yet because I am in love with it I am trying to pre-empt any sudden return to Australia.  I will get my brother to sell it after we’ve settled into life in China *sob*  I am also keeping Tupperware because apart from the car it is the most expensive thing I own! Fortunately all the furniture and bigger stuff we sold/gave away when we sold the house in March, so mostly we’re left with clothes, linen, toys and BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS!  After disasters in the past where I’ve come home to find my book collection saturated, mouldy, eaten, Mum has agreed to let me store them in the house.

Bags ready!
Bags ready!

We dropped in on my old workplace where I am a stranger already, but the new lass seems to be settling in.  Feel a lot more at ease with leaving now.  I think it is definitely time to move on.

So……….China, baby!


Sunny last day in Australia (Brisbane)
Sunny last day in Australia (Brisbane)

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