Well we scored an Old Clunker for the return trek to Munich! Much older train than the trip over. At least this time we found the family car. All was going well until we realised the oppressive heat was not going to improve as there was no aircon, and even with the windows down, we were gasping hot.

To my dismay, while the ‘Family Car’ signs put off the hot young backpackers they were no deterrent to crusty old weirdos. We were soon joined by two of them with obligatory grey slacks and socks stuffed into sandals. One was wearing Bono shades and and lugging three bursting bags.

I just dunno Prague. You’re pretty, but stinking hot and haven’t grasped the concept of aircon or deodorant. The shopping is definitely not cheaper than the UK or Germany. Beer is though, and I think if I came back it would be with a bunch of mates ready to make the most of this situation in ways that are simply not possible with a small child.




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