Zoo Praha

On the advice of our AirBnB host we set out for Prague Zoo. We switched trams to take us through the Jewish and Old towns as we still haven’t managed to visit either. With the sun out and boats on the water I can see the reasons people fall in love with Prague we’ve missed out on by staying out in the ‘burbs.


It took over an hour to reach the zoo, which was annoying. Fortunately we splurged the extra kronen for 90 minute tickets. We spent 20 minutes wandering between tram stop 17 (which terminated) and the 112 bus. We spied family groups and followed them to the station. A hot bus ride later (what is that all about?) we arrived at the hot zoo sans hat and sunglasses. The former because I’m an idiot and the latter…well, same reason really. At least we had sunscreen and water so not a complete #parentingfail

Zoo entry 200kzc adults and 150 for kids. Teller took my card and paywaved it, which fortunately worked! I’d downloaded the pdf map on advice from Tripadvisor, but there are maps around, and occasionally signs. We still managed to get lost but that was okay as we saw everything. It’s fairly open plan – lots of electric fences at kiddy height – and (possibly the highlight of the trip for both of us) people are allowed to bring their pet dogs. M because she adores dogs and has a heart attack every time one appears, and me because I just could not believe it. Surely this is not sound practice??


Lunch was cool – we stopped at the bistro near the African section and got 2 meals and possibly the best cider (Kingswood?) I have ever had on tap for 210kzc (about $AU10).

The only thing that could top this would be wifi, and there are hotspots but they have passwords and signs are all in Czech. The first zoo where the Latin names have made more sense…


Make sure you check out the lemurs, who have no regard for zoo fences. And their rather shabbily dressed (wearing flip flops!) zoo keeper.


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