Prague by night (at last)

It took us so long to find somewhere to eat in the city tonight that it was actually dark when we started making our way home. It was lovely to see Prague in a different hue after the relentless heat we’ve experienced this past week.


We ended up at what appeared to be a beer garden serving drinks & cheese platters. It’s drawcard was the location under Charles Bridge. This turned out to be a hazard as some pleasant person’s smouldering cigarette landed on us just as we took our seats…ah, Europe. The sun may not kill you bit the cancer sticks will. Ghastly habit!

Meanwhile, there was one Bavarian sausage on the menu, which we (and everyone else) in the place had. In hindsight perhaps they are waiting on their food licence as the sausages were cooked in a George Foreman style grill in the seating area…


But cider was 59kc (actually cheaper elsewhere too!) so we weren’t arguing.


And we found Kafka’s museum, a plague of swans and a tram stop we realised we’d already been to, without realising where we were.

Loving Prague a little more tonight. It’s been a struggle as we really should’ve headed back to Australia by now to start preparations for China, but I wasn’t able to change our flights without considerable expense, leading me to once again vow that I will never, ever fly QANTAS…


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