Double shot latte in a glass not a mug and extra hot

One of the perils of travelling is undoubtedly bad coffee. I knew the coffee was bad when I lived in Scotland because they let ME make it and I didn’t even drink the stuff. Since developing an addiction to it after having a baby I was a little nervous about how I’d cope for a month in the UK, but figured it’s been 10 years, surely things have improved?

Well, no.

Froth has no place in a latte people! Just like single shots need company if you’re going to serve them in a BUCKET of milk, and lastly (but most importantly UK), if someone tells you their coffee was served cold, it is never, ever, ever acceptable to put the whole thing back under the wand! Believe it or not you clown there is a reason the milk is added to the coffee afterwards.

I’m looking at you Princes St Waterstones in Edinburgh!

Found this –> which may explain my coffee rage:

Are Australians Coffee Snobs

2 thoughts on “Double shot latte in a glass not a mug and extra hot

  1. I know how you feel- the coffee in the UK is served with too much milk, their small sizes are gargantuan and they don’t know the difference between a latte and a cappuccino. My aunties who live in Belfast, will order an Americano with a shot of milk to get the desired strength and taste.
    A recent trip to the US made me realise that Australians are truly spoiled for choice with great coffee. The Americans tend to overheat their milk and coffee to the point of scalding.
    Oh and I’ll have a double shot espresso thanks!

    1. UK coffee is awful and the sizes are mystifying. Towards the end of the trip I was hovering by the machine, hissing at staff! We did find some good coffee in Scotland – the absolute winner in the tiny seaside village of Golspie in the NW. Germany is not bad, but they have no qualms advertising coffee from a vending machine as espresso *gag spit*

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