Social media junkies unite

One of my key preparations for our upcoming European adventure and then Big Move to China has been to find social media that I can take with me.  You may have heard about the Great Firewall of China which blocks many popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter?  Last time I was over there, twitter wasn’t as much of a thing and I found I could survive without facebook, although it was frustrating as living 1000s of miles from your family and friends is funnily enough one of those times when a site that allows you to share pics and updates with them would be REALLY useful.

I did pay around $US14 a month to get a VPN/wormhole thing to circumnavigate the blocks, but it made Facebook look weird and I felt very dodgy.  And that was before smartphones were a thing.  I’m not sure how well the vpn model will work on a phone or tablet.

And I have grown to adore twitter.  I work in an industry where there are very clearly two types of people – those who use twitter, and those who don’t.  99% of my professional reading is via twitter.  I no longer watch the news because I’ve already read it all on twitter 6 hours earlier.  I’ve visited some awesome libraries and met some amazing librarians through twitter, including some who have become very good friends.

So I am more than a wee bit panicked to be heading to work in relative isolation where my colleagues and I don’t even share a common language and losing my PLN.  I need an alternative!

So far I have discovered wordpress works, but a blog is hard work.  I’ve also discovered tumblr works too and I find it a bit more ‘twitter-y’.  It seems to have a more social element than wordpress.  So I have started this blog there and will see which takes my fancy most.  It helps that I know librarians over there already.

I’ve also been revamping my neglected Instagram account after reading this blog post:

Loads of tweeps on Instagram, it has hashtags, AND according to the above blog I can set it to auto update my twitter and facebook feeds thus circumventing the Great Firewall of China.



Tweep tweep


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