Insure me

At the point where I’m wishing I’d taken a week’s leave about 6 weeks ago to sort out the visa and travel side of things.  Every time I tell someone I finish work Friday and fly out Monday, eyebrows are raised, but there’s no point to me sitting around for a week after I finish work, it’s too late to get anything organised.

So I’ve been trying to cram trips to Brisbane for visa stuff with booking stuff via very dodgy internet connection with packing to travel and packing stuff for storage AND I AM LOSING MY MIND!

So that’s why I am only just getting to travel insurance – a week before I leave.  And although I have cinema tickets from 2002, I can’t find any paperwork for the plans I’ve used before.  I know for my first trip overseas the agent who booked our flights arranged the insurance.  The problem this time is finding insurance to suit our circumstances: 2 months travel before working overseas.  Insurers don’t seem to like it if you aren’t returning to your country of residence after travelling. And paying for a full 2 years of travel insurance is insanely expensive.  I’ve been told the things to look for are:

  • The level of cover for big things such as medical and repatriation and personal liability, but I’m also interested in cancellation given it’s summer in Europe so I’m forced to book in advance, as well as loss of baggage because we’ll be carrying all our worldly goods.
  • The cost of cover (duh)
  • Size and reputation of the insurance company standing behind the policy.

I’ve heard World Nomads insurance differ in that they understand you may not be returning immediately to your country of residence.  I’ve also heard good things about some of our regular insurers here in Oz: Allianz, RACQ and even Suncorp.

Allianz “World Care”: have Frequent Traveller (Plan D) $440.50 + $25 to reduce excess to 0.  However only covers journeys of 37 days maximum.  No good.

RACQ Travel Insurance: I am considering because they offer RACQ members 10% discount. They also offer 20% discount for booking online, but their website is very frustrating. Hard to find the fine print and restrictive options when choosing the part of the the world you’re travelling to.  We are travelling to 9 countries this trip, possibly more but there are no options for expressing this.  Also, their Premium Cover offering higher coverage appears to cost less than their Essentials (budget) cover.  That seems dodgy and puts me off booking online, but I want to save 20%!

However their multi trip does let me choose 30, 45 or 60 day trips.

STA Travel have already driven me mad by not allowing me to book online with a traveller under 15 years. Seems a lot more expensive than the other options so far, with a starting price of $570 for 45 day multi trip ($250 excess) and starting at $694 for single trip.

Searching round I’ve found Australia Post travel insurance recommended, and I like the sound of dependents being covered for free but joy of joys their BLOODY WEBSITE IS DOWN!  *later* Single trip ranges from $432 – 608 and multi-journey for the year is $481 to $677




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