Bad News

Only 5 business days before we are due to fly out and still no sign of our paperwork from China.  I am waiting the letter and work permit I need before I can apply for our entry visas.  It has been about 3 weeks since I submitted the last of my paperwork to the school and I was assured it would reach us by now.  Also, based on our previous experience I am sure it arrived in the 3rd week after I sent everything away.

So I have been frantically emailing the HR department at the school.  The first email back was not from my usual contact, and at first they assured me they were just waiting on the letters back from the Bureau of Foreign Affairs, however the second half of the email said they would apply for my work permit once they received all my paperwork. ARGH.

I emailed again.

Finally got a reply from my usual chic on Saturday night telling me she was very sorry but there was no way the paperwork would reach us before we flew out and could we just put our travel off?


This is a trip I have been planning for TEN YEARS!  It’s more important than the job! No I can’t just “put it off”.  Cue all the swears.  Not only that, but what rescheduling date should I use?  Will it take a few more days?  Will it be weeks?  Are they just fobbing me off and they never intended to have it ready in time for us to leave in June at all but have always been planning to just send it off with all the other teachers’ applications so it won’t arrive until July????

I have been wondering why I was so reticent towards booking accommodation or making any other travel arrangements.  I have booked London accommodation because I was forced to – the start of summer, there are hardly any beds left.  It’s London, so even the cheapest place cost a fortune – over GBP500 for 4 nights.

Stressed much?

In times like these, we could all use a little Dr Who Potato Head
In times like these, we could all use a little bit of Potato Head Dr Who…

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