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Still trawling the web in a half-hearted attempt to cement travel bookings. I struggle to commit to booking in advance. I want to wait and see where life takes us when we arrive…but with a child in tow this becomes problematic.

It has been a good exercise in ageing though. One of the reasons I have plunged myself into the icy uncertainty of giving up my comfortable job for a 2 year contract in China is because my mid-30s are just around the corner. All these years thinking I would get back to travelling and I suddenly found myself a loooong way on the path to the opposite direction, with a government job, a mortgage, my kid in a private school ARGH.

So here I am booking my holiday like a middle class, middle aged housewife, and recalling that not so long ago I would only have considered backpacker hostels.

So I’m heading back to my roots for our travel in Scotland and Europe and starting with Scottish Independent Hostels – which I used to be part of when managing Portree Independent Hostel

Portree Independent Hostel, Isle of Skye
Portree Independent Hostel, Isle of Skye



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