Well the last minute panics have set in and are fairly justified considering that besides sending docs off for our visas & booking flights outta here I really have not achieved much. Getting the job seems to be the easy part!

We still have not received our docs from China and can’t apply for visas til we do. I’m having major dramas trying to find a way from Munich to Qingdao that isn’t via a polar region. Everything down to the last henhouse is booked in Portree when we need to be staying there. And I still have no idea what we are doing in Europe.

It’s not fair – I want my travel to be spontaneous, but with a kid in tow the risk seems too great. I also do not want to spend all my holiday time frantically booking the next leg.

I still have not succumbed to a travel agent but I am close. It’s nearly 1am and I’m up with the owls after hours of sifting the web and I didn’t book a single thing #fail

After China I really want to do a year of slow travel, just taking things as tgey come. Grow my hair long & embrace my inner hippy 🙂


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