I told my boss I think this is the first time I’ve left a job whilst still liking it, and I think that it is mostly true.  This is also the longest work commitment – or any commitment (besides child & study) that I’ve made, so leaving is poignant in many ways.  It’s been a difficult month as things get hectic China-wise there are so many loose ends at work and I’ve also had some staffing dramas.  Thankfully they seem to have passed and I am now on the final few weeks.

Flights are booked for 2nd June – was a touch decision as really wanted to do the wise traveller thing and fly by Middle East to UK (get the longest leg out of the way first) but it was more expensive and Singapore had great stopover options.  And Singapore isn’t somewhere I’d ever really plan to visit, so this way it’s off the list.  Not that I’m making a list.  Okay, I am.

Still can’t believe this is happening.  I have spent 3 years not looking at travel books and not going into travel shops.  Suddenly allowed to again and I am freaking out.

Round the world
Round the world



5 thoughts on “Leaving

    1. I think it will all sink in when I sit on the plane. One of reasons I love longhaul flights is a chance to catch up with my thoughts 🙂

    1. I will be still working at the same level and in my field (librarianship), so I definitely see it as continuing my career rather than putting it down. If anything it’s expanding as I’ll also be learning valuable language and cultural skills, as well as the personal and professional growth that can happen with new challenges!

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