And so it begins…

Never say never
Never say never

The joys of applying for a Chinese work visa!  Last time we were in a mad rush as I was appointed after the start of the school year.  This time we’re months away, but as we’re fitting in 2 months travel in Europe before we move to China suddenly we’ve had to spring into action.

Having dodgy internet connection at home has not helped.

Things seem to have tightened up since my last sojourn in China (2009-10), although it could just be the contrast between two different schools.  This time our documents need to be “notarised” and “certified” before being “authenticated”.  If that’s not 3 ways of doing the same bloody thing… Fortunately I discovered (by accident, and contrary to the requests of the school) the Chinese consulate did not require any of my documents to be notarised seeing as they were already official government docs (birth cert, police check).  I still had to take them into DFAT, pay $20-40, collect them, deliver to the consulate, return in 4 days and collect, scan and send to school.

3 trips to Brisbane CBD and counting – and I can’t even make a day of it because I’m rapidly using up flex and cannot afford to eat into my annual leave.

At the same time we are organising a dental plate for Ms 8.  A very hard decision and one that still isn’t resting easy with me but that I hope will be worth it in the end.  She is the right age for this treatment and I don’t want to start the process in China, so we have to get it fitted asap so there is time for tweaking before we leave.  Fortunately Qingdao staff I have been in touch with assure me there are reputable, English speaking dentists available to provide support if there are any issues while we are living in China.


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