Show me the money – finding international school jobs


I am getting really frustrated with schools not publishing salary information.  Being secretive about it is only wasting everybody’s time, and I don’t know why we must pretend how much we will earn doesn’t matter.  I’m not a missionary – I have a child to support, and I know many other teachers go overseas with houses and mortgages and plenty of other commitments at home.  Do schools really think teachers will get all the way to the end of the interview process to find a salary they can’t afford and still accept?

We all know there schools are in tiers and salaries match those levels accordingly.  I just want a ballpark figure before I waste my time and the schools.

Teacher Horizons have some tips and Teach Anywhere publish salary indicators with their jobs.  Saying that I think most of their jobs are at the low to average end of the payscale.

There is a bit of debate over how lucrative international teaching can be.  I know last time after only 6 months in China I felt that I had so much more money saved than I ever would have at home.  As schools provide accommodation, tuition, airfare, insurance and visas (for me) and tax is lower (or no tax, as was the case at my first school), there are opportunities for saving.  Saying that a young couple working at my last school were going home after a year as they were really disappointed with the savings – but they confessed to eating out every night, and often at international restaurants, and they travelled everywhere during that first year.

An interesting blog about why international teaching is not a lucrative gig mentions one of the big pitfalls – pensions and superannuation.  My super is already dodgy due to previous time overseas, childrearing and postgrad study.  I am not hugely worried yet (although financial gurus might tell me I should be) as I wonder how much of our super is going to be available to us by the time we retire anyway?  The Australian government is already talking about pushing back retirement age etc etc.

I am thinking about investment this time around though.  I have just sold a property that was more of a drain than a benefit, but am considering smaller scale investment – or joint with family members.  We shall see.

Saving for retirement
Saving for retirement



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