Top of Tassie

Car is great.  A Hyundi i30.  Actually paid for smaller car but this was all they had 🙂  Distances not as far as we’d anticipated (I say ‘we’…:) so made it to Beauty Point the first night.  Weaved our way through lots of small towns to get to Devonport on the second night.  Loved Deloraine – M made a friend in the park there.  The Grandma seemed pretty excited to come across a kid that was as noisy and precocious as their own (!)

Devonport waterfront was lovely.  Only a small place, but a BIG ferry!  Reminded me of living in Stornoway…

Banshee watching the ferry come into Devonport

Was tricky finding a place to stay in Devonport as we’d not been sure when or where we’d arrive at sleep time.  Ended up phoning all the places in the brochure we’d picked up at Bridport.  Finally got a bed at a Lodge nearby.  The couple running it were ex-airforce and school library and very friendly to Tild.  They upgraded us to the ensuite for no extra charge and the husband made an awesome breakfast in the morning – all for just over $100 for a double.  There was a strange, grumpy couple staying at the same time who were NOT interested in the initial tour that the poor owner probably had to do for OH&S, and at one point I thought the big guy was about to karate chop them and kick them out onto the street!!  M very impressed with their wee dog!


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