Elite travel – caravan parks!

Yikes!  Our attempt at just roaming along til we find somewhere we like and pulling in will have to come to an end.  Had booked hostel in Bridport but reached there at lunch time (nice, albeit strange, beach; great pies but not much happening) so figured we’d push on.

Just out of Launceston

As the day drew on we stopped to look up a few places on the web and found most booking up.  Finally got a cabin at a caravan park in Beauty Point but paid about 3x what we were going to pay in the hostel – $119!!!

Interesting old house in NE Tas

It was awesome to be in a cabin – with kitchen, bathroom and separate bedroom.  We could live in a cabin.

Still nothing on the job front…alternatively stressful and depressing.  Must be something to do with getting older but I am so ready to be starting to build my home.  Not ‘settling’ ie: stopping any old place, but finally getting back to Scotland, finding our place somewhere and just the simple concept of being able to purchase furniture we need without having to worry about how I’m going to sell it or ship it overseas…

Plus, M is getting older.  She will start school next year and we still haven’t lived anywhere that I can actually give her her own room…

Frustrating, but working in China has kick started the visa process and so long as I can find a job here soon we should be on our way next year.

Can’t wait!


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