Ended up staying the extra day in Launceston.  Can’t get the hire car until Saturday morning.  YHA booked out Friday night (why?  how?  there doesn’t seem to be anyone about???  Think it’s people coming here for work as lots of people in kitchen in the morning are in uniforms.  One girl we spoke to over dinner was staying here while she did a couple days at uni as she lives out of town). 

Moved to Batman Fawkner Inn, which I’d seen on the web prior to heading down and thought it looked pretty cool.  Unfortunately the manager didn’t respond to email until we were IN Launceston and had already checked in to YHA.  It was a little weird – front door doesn’t open from the outside so had to buzz and wait on the step.  The guy was alright but have to admit I didn’t get the most comforting vibe.  A motley collection of guests and rooms very old school motel.  It was more expensive than I’d anticipated as all the cheaper rooms were already booked (or were they…?)

We couldn’t check in til later in the day so left our luggage and went off to play.  We caught the Tiger Bus and did a loop, ending up at the Queen Victoria Museum and Gallery over the river.  It was very cool.  Had a great art gallery with some old school ‘oils on acrylic’ that M interviewed the gallery attendant at length about (who did these?  where is he now?  why is he dead?  did you take them from his house?) and some pretty impressive contemporary art by local high school students.  I was blown away by a lot of the stuff – spent a good hour going round and checking it out.  Wish I’d been that talented (OR had access to the teaching and media that these kids have been priveleged enough to enjoy), instead of having a half crazy art teacher who didn’t seem able to shake the impression she formed of you in  first term year 8, no matter what you produced later, and then got some mosquito borne fever at the beginning of senior and spent the lessons eating toast and giving us mind numbing projects like chipping away at soap stone or bending wires to make little men…

Anyway: museum next door was also excellent.  All about trains in the latter part with a kiddy section.  Good to chill out.  We like Launceston.

Back at the Batman things improved a wee bit as the kitchen was breathtaking – huge Playschool arch windows, sanded floorboards, lots of utensils, spotlessly clean and nobody around, except for a talkative woman from Hobart who depressed me somewhat by complaining about the lack of jobs in Tassie.

Here’s the museum:

and the Batman:


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