Housekeeping, Chinese style

“We don’t clean walls in China, we paint them!”


I had asked for some creme cleanser and a cloth to clean the grimy handprints off the large, white pillars that surround the library.  First the ayi went off her nut when Library Aide D asked her for cloths (apparently she said “I don’t have any, ask the office” but there was a LOT of shouting and it went on for ages and D was still shouting as she went back to the office…)

So now we are painting the pillars.  I don’t mind painting them in fact I am keen for them to be painted.  I do have a strong desire for them to be painted/cleaned/whatever BEFORE the end of time…and without having to leap over half a million plainly bizarre excuses.  I should be getting used to it, but honestly, ‘we don’t have non-toxic paint suitable for painting near children in the whole of China’ and ‘yes, I know red and blue make purple but they don’t mix paint here.’

We have purple ceilings in every classroom.

Every classroom.



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