“Your daughter has been sick all over her hat”

Unfortunately when her teacher brought Ms 4 to my office before first break today it was not to tell me I could keep her with me to play all day.  She wasn’t wearing the clothes I’d brought her to school in, so that was a clue.

School has a 24 hour “Exclusion Zone” for pukey youngsters.  I must have looked a bit confused as Ms L had to explain again.  “That means you have to go home as well.  You can’t come back until 24 hours after the last vomit.”


Ms 4 is not usually a sickly child so after FINALLY reaching home (piggy backed all the way) I was rejoicing that we’d have an afternoon off and a sleep in the next day.  Sadly this was not to be as Friday dawned and she was still ill.  At the same time my head cold was progressing/digressing to the sinus stage.

Got a bit panicked by Friday afternoon when she was still lying on the couch.  Like I said, she normally bounces back from this sort of stuff pretty quickly so initially I was not hugely concerned.  However, I realised yesterday afternoon that she had not kept food down since Wednesday night and I had no idea where to go for a doctor – or if I even wanted to go for a doctor…

Thankfully one of the mums was able to text me the nearest non-crazy GP with Chinese characters and all, so will keep that one handy.  Today, she has perked up a bit and we are planning a mad dash into Tian Yi square to find the Quicksilver shop, turn left, stand on one leg then wander behind a curtain and up the back stairs and stock up on some more English language DVDs.


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