I could eat a horse…

So, getting pretty hungry.  I simply cannot find any meat.  Have been to downstairs supermarket, to La Miaow (no idea how to spell but that’s how they say it), to supermarket near Le Miaow, to Tesco and Carrefour.

Okay, there is meat, but you have to kill it yourself.  In the bottom of the supermarkets is the fresh produce section – veges, fruit…and what I would call a pet shop but what is actually the deli.  So far we have seen small and large crabs, yabbies, prawns, mussel type things, eels, GIANT eels, more crabs (different colour), TURTLES (the shop assistant thought we would find it hilarious if she stacked all the baby turtles up on top of each other then watched them tumble down…), fish – oodles of fish, swimming gaily around in big red plastic tubs.

The strangest by far have been the bull frogs.  As big as a large cane toad, with lumpier, wartier looking skin.  Very black.

Some of the livestock are covered by nets or lying on crushed ice.  Some are dead, still floating around the tank for your gastronomical pleasure.

In the supermarket near Le Miaow we leapt upon a fridge of normal-ish looking meat (i.e. plastic wrapped and on a styrofoam tray) only to discover that the butcher had already eaten the meat of the cow and had only wrapped up the offal for sale.

I suppose we could make Haggis…

Nearby there was a very enthusiastic guy with half a cow/sheep and a meat cleaver, but the flies put us off a wee bit.

We are living on cherry tomatoes.  They taste divine and go with everything – pasta, salad, couscous, egg…



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