Inflatable pillows and our new home

So, our house.

ningbo tildy on couch
Little miss on the faux leather couch

I was a little bit frightened as they drove us in through the security gate (there are guards in full uniform at the gate and more in small rooms around the place).  There was an air of slow decline from the outside – rust stains running down the facade from the bars on the windows; gardens overgrown.

I got the impression the other teacher was not impressed with the amount of luggage we had.  Honestly have no idea how we might have cut back but oh well. We had to get in a lift, go up a couple floors then get out, walk 50 metres, go through a security gate, into another lift, to the 9th floor and a great wooden door.

Inside: tiles.  What is it with tiles in this country?

ningbo kitchen
Lovely blue kitchen.

I hate tiles.

Anyway, apartment is not too bad.  Some strange things – sliding glass doors like patio doors dividing the kitchen from the dining area.  More sliding doors to get out to our balcony.  Even more in the bathroom separating basin from toilet and toilet from shower.

There are floor to ceiling grey, plastic curtains in my balcony.

There is leftover blu-tack (and some leftover photographs) on EVERY SINGLE WALL.

Ningbo tildy in window
Balcony off main bedroom. Doubles as laundry

Apparently the previous tenants did not leave happily and just to remind everyone of that they decided not to clean the apartment.  Not sure why we should have to suffer for this but apparently the school did get an ayi in for 2 days to clean.  Perhaps she was a blind ayi??

There are 3 bedrooms.  A giant one with the balcony up one end and two smaller rooms at the back near the kitchen.  The school provide furniture etc as well as a big pile of linen which is waiting in the lounge…


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