No cats in America…


And there’s no Facebook in China…(sad face, sad face).  There’s also no Twitter (although I was looking forward to being able to make use of it for work it’s not such a great loss as I wasn’t that hooked.  My page was mostly full of fairly dull ravings from Stephen Fry…and I’m not the only one).  Yola (free websites) doesn’t work and we can’t get various blogs: blogspot, WordPress etc etc.

It is a bit frustrating considering there is such an emphasis on Web 2.0 in education – and particularly in the Library.  From what I can gather it’s baby steps at school anyway – we don’t have computers in the library yet!

Apparently there are a few ways to access these sites but I am not sure it is worth it.  For one, although you can see the news feed on FB, you can’t actually add to it.  I’ve also heard that you can’t check your Inbox and that it opens your computer up to viruses…

We will see if I can live without it lol.  Although I can see how FB addiction is crippling some people (i.e. anyone who plays Mafia Wars…what is the POINT???) I was counting on it to keep in touch with people.  I’ve stopped using email to communicate with friends/family – it’s all FB.  Photo sharing is the same.  I have a Flickr account but only know one other person over there.  Everyone I know has a FB account – even people I’ve forgotten I know!


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