The Number 2 Bus

The bus situation seems quite logical.  We have two options: the Number 2 or the 518.  The latter is a double decker, which M is very excited about.  I don’t think we’ll be making it to the top level much – I’m too paranoid about getting stuck on the bus and being driven to some godforsaken place and not knowing our address…

518 is 1 yuan.  Number 2 is 2 yuan.  They take different directions to the city unless you catch them after 6 or 630pm, then it changes again.  I’m going to ignore that information for the time being though!

They are not as crowded or disgusting as I anticipated.  I think the stories I’ve read have been about long distance buses.  These ones are old – some are missing panels etc but otherwise fine.  They all have televisions, which provide great comic relief.  There is an add for some sort of herbal tea that will cleanse your inner pipes in much the same way as Draino might sort your bathroom.  And after you drink it you will wear pastel and have lots of relatives…or something like that.

The ideas of what is attractive are fascinating.  Apparently it is pastel and knitted vests a la Pleasantville.

The singing chicken advert has been catching my eye – what can it possible be about?  What is making the mother smile and the little boy laugh?

*NB: it is a sort of granulated chicken stock and it is fantastic.  I found some in the shops and bought it – the power of advertising even in a foreign language!



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