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Flicking through google and came across Single Mom with Tiny Tot with an interesting post about libraries and evil librarians – the Very Thing that motivated me to start this godawful Masters in Librarianship in the first place.

What the hell is it with evil old women becoming librarians?  Argh!  And they seem to exist all over the world…

Serah has done a lot more travelling than MissM and I have managed, and is yet another blog with heaps of great photos.  Really should think about getting a decent camera.  She has also put me to shame in the TV department.  The TV has become surrogate nanny lately as I have struggled to get on top of study and assignments, and M has learned a whole new repertoire of songs and tunes and has been singing and dancing and RECITING FULL CHUNKS OF DIALOGUE all over the house.

Coming from a family where for most of childhood the TV set was covered with a blanket and used as a keyboard stand….I have all kinds of aversions to allowing my toddler to watch it at any length, but it’s the old struggle of when to call in family for help.  We moved back here after 6 months living in central Australia to be closer to family so they could help out, but it’s not that easy.  They have lives too.  And I always feel I can call on them to mind M when I need to go to work, but it is less easy to ask when it’s for study, and impossible if I want to go out or just get some time to myself.

Anyway, wah wah wah… 🙂

Evil Sesame Street
UnNews: Sesame Street rated MA



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