Good evening Moscow, Australia calling…

Love it.  Vaguely remember being introduced to it by Be Samuel whilst at college.  Actually, I think we were directed to it via Santo on The Panel.  Sadly I think Simon Cowell and his stupid, stupid Pop Idol have dulled the excitement a little (contrary to popular belief there is a limit to the crap that one can watch on TV!) and somehow performances seem to be getting slicker, slightly more professional, so it doesn’t have the cringe factor of yesteryear.

Still, the presenters always offer up enough cheese for it to be worthwhile.  And this year we had Albania, complete with Nikki Webster, green man and MIDGET TWINS!!!

Looking for images of Albania but found this instead:

19 – Albania – Man in Green, two midgets and a young blonde singer, it can only be Eurovision, a break-dancing midget hmmm, OK but not a winner – Not top 10.

Interval entertainment – What? Why? Huge amounts of water in plastic and lights and “electrics” everywhere, Health and Safety? It’s grope a wet swimmer time! This is just weird. What is the material used for those “pools”? Bizarre…(from:


It is also worth waiting right til the end for the awarding of points…erk, plenty of cringing there!  The awful attempts at humour by the localised presenters , the awkward telly delay pauses…(Slovenia: “As Slovenia did not get through to the final, I’d like to observe a minute’s silence”!!!!)

The Australian SBS commentators take it too seriously and are nowhere near as entertaining as the UK presenters whose subtle piss taking adds a whole new layer of meaning.  V. sad that I didn’t get to hear Graham Norton’s first attempt… 😦

Such an interesting glimpse into the variety of cultures in Europe.  Lucky Ireland get to cast a vote.  If only Scotland would cast off the shackles, there could be a bagpiper entry in there!

What the hell is it with SBS and the Go Veg ads?

Some other Eurovision commentary (I have tears in my eyes!)

will add green man, midgets and nikki as soon as i find pic

Okay, here it is, with thanks to Ewan Spence of Flickrland:

Hmm, okay, Ewan does not want us to use his photo as I cannot save it (wasn’t that great a pic anyway).  Let’s try Natahen instead:

midget twins, nikki webster and a green man...Eurovision 2009
midget twins, nikki webster and a green man...Eurovision 2009




2 thoughts on “Good evening Moscow, Australia calling…

    1. Turkey, hmm…ah, lots of blondes, wind blowing and red knickers lol! Was so tired after reading all the other online commentary I didn’t even vote 😦

      but if I had…Albania all the way!

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