On the road again…

Well, almost!

Amanda is moving into her mansion on the hill in a few short weeks…and needs to rent this place out to afford her new lifestyle (insert chuckle)…

Rather than being an inconvenience, I can only see it as an opportunity, or an excuse, or whatever you’d like to label it – it’s a chance for us to be free!  After more than 4 years of dreaming, scheming and having hopes dashed, we will finally be on our way far away from here…

Although I have had grandios plans in the past, I have tried to apply the KISS principle to this move.  We will sell up what we can at a garage sale, store things ready to be shipped to us when we finally ‘settle down’, and head to NZ (just next door).

I have been applying for jobs, but so far no joy (more on that later), so we may have to plan as though we are heading over there for a 3 week trip, and see where it takes up (which, between you and me, is definitely my preferred mode of travel, but it is apparently not an acceptable philosophy for a mother!)

So excited!

Kaikoura ranges, NZ

Kaikoura ranges…>sigh<…brilliant.

Why are we not there already???


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